Healthcare and Wellness Initiative
LEDI believes that healthcare can be improved in Liberia by increasing access to healthcare facilities and medical supplies, providing access to proper nutrition, improving hygiene standard, and promoting healthy living.


Why Healthcare Challenges Exist in Liberia
With a unemployment rate of 85%, illiteracy rate of 50%, and a poverty rate of about 80% (CIA World Book), the healthcare delivery system of Liberia is challenged (UNICEF | WHO).

While the lack of other economic and social opportunities have had a devastating affect on Liberia’s poor, inadequate and in many cases, nonexistent basic and humane healthcare system has had the most catastrophic impact on impoverished Liberians.   On a daily basis, many Liberians face death from fully treatable diseases, including malaria, yellow fever, dysentery, and cholera. Additionally, due to their inability to afford medical treatment, the poor often self-treat serious illnesses with inadequate traditional treatments and put off going to medical facilities until near death.  This often results in higher treatment costs, exorbitant debt from loans incurred at predatory interest rates, and a high mortality rate.  LEDI is a part of the solution and is working to make healthcare in Liberia, both accessible and affordable.

Our Solution
LEDI wants to reduce the health and wellness challenges of Liberia in the following ways:

  • Assist in the construction and development of modern clinics and state-of-the-art medical facilities around the country.
  • Support service delivery and provide supplies to existing medical facilities.
  • Setup a social service, patient’s indigent fund to subsidize healthcare and medication costs.
  • Provide salary and continuing education grants to healthcare professionals.
  • Promote healthcare campaigns focused on health & wellness screenings, improved personal hygiene, and proper nutrition.
  • Build modern water pumps, latrines, etc.

We are therefore inviting you to support LEDI in its efforts to economically empower poor Liberians to overcome poverty through our healthcare and wellness initiative.