Business Development and Microfinancing Initiative

LEDI believes that poverty and unemployment can best be reduced by empowering the poor to establish businesses for themselves. Because the returns from a successful business could be invested or reinvested in economic activities that improves the living standards of the individual.

Why Poverty and Unemployment Exist?
According to the 2011 CIA World Factbook, the unemployment rate in Liberia is 85%; and the poverty rate is 80%. These high levels of unemployment and poverty in Liberia is in large part due to the lack of business opportunities available to ordinary Liberians. While Liberians are naturally inclined to establish business activities, most Liberians do not have the opportunity to explore meaningful business ventures beyond petty street vending.   This is mainly because they do not qualify for traditional loans from banks and other lending institutions due to the lack of seed capital, collateral, formal business management training, and ability to write business plans, among other factors.

The lack of jobs and inaccessibility of capital to launch business ventures, coupled with the devastating effects of the 14 year Civil War (which led to the destruction of most major businesses, the retreat of foreign investors, damage to all major infrastructure, including roads and bridges) has cause more than 80 percent of Liberians to spiral into a downward cycle of severe poverty, hunger, diseases, and hopelessness. The challenges are enormous, yet all hope is not lost. Improvements can and will occur when maximum support and economic empowerment in the form of loans and micro-finance assistance and training are offered to new and small businesses in rural and urban Liberia.
Our Solution
LEDI seeks an holistic approach to reducing poverty and creating employment opportunities in Liberia through its business development and microfinance initiative. With your help as a partners, we can assist Liberians in the following ways:

  • Establish small, medium, and large-size companies (SMLCs). 
  • Identify and invest in business opportunities that have the potential to create quality and sustainable jobs.
  • Train poor to moderate income Liberians to own and successfully operate businesses.
  • Provide funding and support, through grants and loans, to qualified new and existing businesses.
  • Establish business mentoring opportunities with other business.
  • Monitor sponsored SMLC from inception to maturity by providing the required professional and technical support to ensure its growth, employability, independence, and long-term sustainability.

Attract foreign investors to Liberia and promote LEDI sponsored businesses overseas. We are therefore inviting you to support LEDI in its efforts to economically empower poor Liberians to overcome poverty through our business development initiative.